investing in your future

How much should I invest in commerce bond? A good goal is to invest 5%-10% of your monthly income. However, you should make sure it does not affect your monthly expenses, you should consider your current financial situation, goals, and what you are willing to lose or gain. It is always good to focus on […]

Investing With Kibicles Capitals

When companies need to secure funding, they have many options, there is the traditional option like applying for a loan from a commercial bank, but because of the complexity of interest rate and other requirements, many young businesses are not able to meet up. Kibicles capitals traders market is a financial market that caters for […]

Building a Great Relationship

Communication is the key to a successful relationship between us and our clients. We build long-standing relationships with small and medium scale businesses and provide them with strategic advice to cover all aspects of their business and finances. This includes a wide range of market insight and intelligence, investor relations support and capital markets advice. […]

Invest on Our Platform

There are about 200 million people in Nigeria, (World Bank estimate), Nigeria’s growing middle class accounts for approximately 23% of the population and is estimated to have a combined buying power in excess of US$28 billion. “Nigeria is a big market opportunity for both local and foreign investors” In 2017, we did a technical analysis […]

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