When companies need to secure funding, they have many options, there is the traditional option like applying for a loan from a commercial bank, but because of the complexity of interest rate and other requirements, many young businesses are not able to meet up.

Kibicles capitals traders market is a financial market that caters for small and medium scale businesses, a market where they can raise fund from the public to finance their business development.

We help our clients to raise fund in through of commerce bond, token trade and other creative ways that might be unique to the business. A debt based funding that are paid back at a particular maturity date with interest.  It is better than a bank loan or other options because of the lower and safer requirement to secure fund, interest rate flexibilities and other advantage attached.

We also help start-ups with  debt-based funding for the day to day running of the business

Our role is to create a platform where our investors can pick from a myriad of profitable businesses they want to invest in.

All the business on our platform are Nigeria businesses that have a physical presence, if we do this well, these businesses on our platform will be employing millions of Nigerians in years to come.

Commerce Bond; this is where investors can subscribe to a business for a higher interest either monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. Interest rate range between 15-30%.

The capital and the interest can be withdrawn at any time after the first six months.

It is a great way to save, make your money work for you while you focus or your career or businesses.

Subscribing to a company on our platform has other benefits which include; discounts on products sold by the company, there are other benefits attached to have such investment like our venture and stipend credits; 0% interest credit with flexible payback.

You can invest in the industry you love and companies of your choice, it is very advisable for investors to diversify their portfolio for maximum optimization of returns.

Start-ups are long term subscription, because of the nature of starting a business, investors can invest for the long run for a minimum of a year into a start-up, the interest rate always set at over 50% depending on the performance of the business.

It is in the interest of business on our platform to perform very well to keep attracting investors.  We provide businesses with the financial strategy and tools that will help them to stay at the top of their industry meeting the demand of the consumers.

Token Trades; this is a series of short term investment packages (range from one week to a month), the interest is range between 5-15% and it fluctuates base on the performance of the business.

It is more of a trade than saving because investors have the right to sell their position (coming soon) before maturity if they analyse that the investment will not favour them, it consists of different investment from different companies; real estates, agriculture, consumer product retail, services etc.

On Token trade, you can own a business for a month and make the profit while you don’t have to worry about the management of the business.

If you want to build a million naira portfolio in months token trade is the best place to come, with diversification, identifying and creating a strategic portfolio you can achieve set targets.

Commodities; we realize that the price of agriculture commodity in Nigeria changes a lot and it does not favour producers and the consumers.

The fluctuation in the price of Agriculture commodities affects the price of other Agriculture input products which make food products expensive.

Kctmarket wants the consumer to have a fixed estimate of their household expenses which means they can save money for other things.

On our platform retailers and manufacturers can buy agriculture commodities for the future at today’s price. This will protect the price instability and also incentivize farmers to produce more.