How it Works
How it Works

How It Works

Nigerians are innovative and they have the ability to find solutions to their immediate needs, problems and demands. But the lack and proper management of fund has been the major factor for incessant fail of Nigeria businesses.

Kibicles capitals is a better and safer financial platform that provides financial services which includes;

Raising money from investors for businesses;

Providing corporate finance service and advisory to businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their financial and developmental goals by making it easy and safe for people to invest in them.

Makeover 10% ROI monthly

Our team has come up with different tools to make sure that this business thrives and do not mismanage their finances so that they can keep serving investors and consumers better.

Check Our FAQ
What is Kibicles ?
Kibicles capitals is a business registered under the Nigeria Corporate affairs commission as a financial services firm, We help businesses, governmental organisations, and public service groups managing small and large project recommending the best way to raise money, saving time and money by identifying and providing solutions to the risk associated with the project before our client move forward.
How it works

Principal means the money that an investor invested in a particular business or token on this platform.

Interest means the money return on investment that was made on this platform.

There are different types of investments, you can invest in to grow your portfolio; Bond, Token trades, Start-ups.
All investment principal are paid at the end of maturity,
Some investment are short term (1-6 month) while other are long term (1- 5 years)
Some of the investment pays monthly returns while others pay at the end of maturity
Some of the investment on the platform fluctuate while some are flat rate investment depending on what you are investing into.
Bonds: You can invest in local Nigeria profitable businesses that pay monthly interests until maturity. The interest rate fluctuates from month to month depending on the business performance
Token trades: These are consumer products, real estate, community projects, etc. You can invest in them for a short period (between 1-4 months) the interest and investment are paid back at the end of the investment circle.
Startups: New entrepreneur’s need money to kick start their ventures, you can invest in them for the long run, and they usually start paying interest after a year or more..

What does it mean C means at the back of the investment?
C means the company is paying interest every month and will pay back the principal at the end of the investment circle. The interest rate is between 5-10%
Payback with interest and principal at the end of the investment circle, the interest rate is always higher between 10-15%.
How do I get started?
  • Go to
  • Open an account
  • Load your account with as little as N1000
  • Buy an investment and watch your money grow.
  • You can sign up here…
Commission-free investment on kibicles capitals traders market, sale and buying of investment from another investor on the platform are subject to a transaction fee of between N5-N20 per transaction. A premature withdrawer is also subject to a transaction fee.
Why should I invest?
People invest to get involved in businesses and industries they are passionate about.
People invest in the opportunity to generate returns on their money.
Investing is an alternate way to save for a house, a dream vacation, or cars.
Why our ROI?
A Higher interest rate could hurt small and medium scale business ,The ROI is to protect businesses, due to the economic climate, many businesses can only pay between 5 - 15% interest rate.
We are working to make the interest rate higher but at this point, A low-interest rate is what businesses can afford.
People invest in the opportunity to generate returns on their money.
Investing is an alternate way to save for a house, a dream vacation, or cars.
Is it a flat ROI monthly?
The businesses always pay between particular interest brackets, For example, a business in a 7-10% interest will pay between 7-10% till maturity.
The interest rate fluctuates base on business performance.
Why does the ROI fluctuate?
Business doesn't perform the same every month; in some months a business might make more money and another month they would not make as much.
So every month business assess their performance and sale then publish what interest they want to pay.
Business publish their interest rate every 26th of every month.
Our goal for the fluctuating ROI?
We want to give the public the power to weigh in on the interest a business should pay by allowing investors to sell an investment if it does not favor the investor.
How much can I start with?
You can start with as low as N1000 but the minimum you can put on your account is N5000.
There are different types of investment and business that one can invest in, any level of investors can find investment that fits their budget.
What is the minimum I can invest:
The minimum investment varies to business, Businesses minimum investment is between N1000- N5000.
How safe is my money on KCT markets?
All the businesses on our platform are insured by a compulsory reserve that any business must keep with us.
We have properly vetted all business on our platform and has done analysis of their financial statement and we have published it.
All the business on KCT market are registered with the cooperate affairs commission.
We keep track of all this business and how they are doing
Where is KCT market located?
We are located at the …. Floor of cocoa house Dugbe Ibadan.
Are my account and card details are protected:
We are protect with the second degree of interest protection, we also in our programming has put a lot of security and encryption that is going to be hard to open by an external party.
Is my investment insured?
We have a lot of insurance policies that will protect your money. Read our insurance policy.
40% of whatever is invested insured at every given moment Most of the business has insured themselves against business failure and we will keep getting them insured.
When can I withdraw my money?
Every investment has to stay in the system for six month, This is to protect business and other investors, After the first six month, invest can withdraw at any time given a 4 week notice, or an investor can pay charges for a premature withdraw.
How can I optimise my Investment?
You can join our Bitemail or WhatsApp Where we provide information about business and how they are doing on a daily basis.
There we put together investment that we think can go together to achieve a maximum investment.
You can also consult one of our agents they can advise on how to invest or help you to invest your money.
What if I am busy and I cannot invest myself?
You can hire one of our agents to invest on your behalf.
They will place the order you want on your behalf all you need to do is to tell them what kind of ROI you want and they advise on how realistic it is, how much will be enough to achieve that, etc.
Is KCT market is registered under SEC?
No! We are not a security exchange, our service is simply helping businesses raise money which we have automated to make the Nigeria public benefit from it. We do not need to be registered under the SEC to operate as a financial advisor both to the public and businesses.
We are registered as a financial institution under the Nigeria Corporate affairs commission as a limited liability company, and we are committed to abiding by every law that guides a financial consultancy institution in Nigeria.